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Makassed is a Lebanese Association and as such, conforms to Lebanese laws. It has a General Assembly, a board of Trustees and a General Administration.

The General Assembly is the highest authority of the Association; it is composed of honorary and regular members committed to the goals of the Association.

The Board of Trustees is composed of 24 members elected by the General Assembly every four years. The Board outlines the policies and budgets of the Association and oversees its administration through special committees.

The General Assembly is headed by the President of the Association who is also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. He is the official and legal representative of the Association and is its Chief Executive Officer.

The President is assisted by eight directors who form the Council of Directors. Each director is an executive officer of the relevant directorate. The Directorates are divided into centralized Administrative Directorates and decentralized Services Directorates.




Letter from the president

Philanthropy in its pure form was the motivator of the establishment of Makassed One Hundred and Twenty-Five years ago in 1878. It still motivates the Makassed community.

The name manifests the explicit meaning of Makassed, INTENTIONS, and together with philanthropy, spells out the mission of our Association and the vision of its founders

The first task of the founders of Makassed was to avail free schooling for girls, the future mothers. This ascertains the proper ambiance for education of new generations, a most noble, meaningful and longsighted objective.

Futuristic visionary investment in human beings strengthens the fundamental civic values in the country. Wide involvement will gain for our association, acceptance and assured attainment.

The most impressive number of 1500 citizens of 19th century Beirut, who contributed unconditionally to the newly founded Makassed, is proof of the credibility it carried at the outset. This must be the strongest foundation for an institution that will always provide assurance for its wide and varied stakeholders.

The consistent support for our association by all assures me that Makassed still enjoys that same credibility and popularity.

We are fortunate to carry the torch through our 125th Anniversary Year and we are full of hope that it will burn on, with that support and belief in our archaic institution, that will remain, through its mission, young with rejuvenating Philanthropic Intentions true to its Founders and virtuous elders.

Amine M Daouk



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